Assisted Dying Services resources for health professionals

15 March 2022
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Even if health professionals are not directly providing assisted dying services, or parts of the service, they will still need to understand the Act, and what they are required to do under the Act should someone ask them for information about assisted dying as part of their existing health roles.

The Ministry’s LearnOnline portal has an assisted dying implementation learning section for health professionals. This includes the online module: the End of Life Choice Act 2019 overview. This module can be completed as an individual or as part of team meetings. If you do not have a Learn Online account you can set one up on the Learn Online portal.

New resources and training are being delivered later this month and into October such as:

An e-learning module about the assisted dying pathway
A guide to support conversations about assisted dying, and an accompanying e-learning module, developed by the Health and Quality Safety Commission
Guidance to support health and disability service providers to develop internal policies and procedures
Resources for health and disability service providers to use to educate the non-clinical and/or non-regulated workforce.

The Ministry of Health website is also being regularly updated with information and resources as part of the implementation. See the latest information sheets here.