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Life & Honorary Members

The New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists (NZSA) awards Life and Honorary Memberships to those who have made a long-term outstanding contribution to the specialty and/or the NZSA.

NZSA Life Memberships

There are a few outstanding individuals who over the course of their career, or their lives, give so freely in their contributions to the Anaesthesia specialty and the New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists.

The NZSA Life membership is awarded to recognise these members of the Society who have made long-term outstanding contributions to Anaesthesia in New Zealand, and/or to the NZSA. They are nominated by the Executive Committee and elected as Life Members at a General Meeting of the Society. They are eligible to vote, hold office and form part of the quorum at meetings of members.

Current Life Members

Dr Bob Boas
Dr Dave Chamley
Dr Jim Clayton
Dr Malcolm Futter
Dr John Gibbs
Dr Steuart Henderson
Dr Basil Hutchinson
Prof Alan Merry
Dr Anthony J Newson
Dr Kaye Ottaway
Dr Graham Sharpe
Dr Annette Turley
Dr Leona F Wilson

NZSA Honorary Memberships

NZSA Honorary membership is awarded to those due to their special interest in, or services to Anaesthesia, and are nominated by the Executive Committee and elected at a General Meeting as Honorary Members. It is normally awarded to those who have been of direct service to the NZSA. They are not expected to take an active part in the Society’s affairs and will, if anaesthetists, usually reside in countries other than New Zealand. They are not eligible to vote, hold office or form part of the quorum at NZSA meetings.

Current Honorary Members

Dr James Bradley
Dr Bruce Corkill
Dr Michael Cousins
Dr Elizabeth (Liz) Feeney
Dr Cedric Hoskins
Dr Walter R Thompson