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The NZSA develops submissions in response to policy and legislative consultations on a wide range of issues affecting the anaesthestics specialty and the wider health sector.

Key advocacy issues in 2022

New Zealand’s Health and Disability System Review, described as “a once in a generation opportunity for systemic reform,” aims to reduce the variability of health service delivery in New Zealand and to address health inequities, especially for Māori. In 2021 the NZSA wrote a submission in response to the Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) Bill supporting the key aims of the reforms and the creation of the two new entities to replace the DHBs – Health NZ, and the Māori Health Authority. We suggested amendments to the Bill, including a stronger clinical governance framework, mandated engagement with health professional associations as the reforms are planned and implemented, and the inclusion of climate change among the Bill’s health principles. We expressed concern at the lack of detail over the reforms and addressed gaps in the Bill. We will continue to monitor the reforms and to be engaged in shaping the new health system.

Climate Change and sustainable healthcare. We support lowering NZ’s carbon footprint to meet our obligations of the Paris Climate Accord and advocate on how the health sector is integral in lowering emissions to reach the Government’s 2030 zero carbon neutral goals. We have advocated that climate change mitigation and adaptation needs to be undertaken within the context of health, wellbeing, and equity.

Our Environmental and Sustainability Network drives our work on sustainable healthcare and climate change advocacy. We wrote several submissions last year, including on the Emissions Reduction Bill and the MfE consultation on waste minimisation. We will monitor the outcomes of these topics and continue to be at the forefront of advocacy on this topic.

PHARMAC medical devices procurement is focused on fairer access and equity. We have strongly conveyed that anaesthetists must be represented across multiple committees to advise on medical devices, to reflect the breadth of our specialty’s involvement in the health sector. PHARMAC have been receptive to this advice, and we are now awaiting more operational detail on this project.

Health workforce. The NZSA will focus its advocacy on calling for the Government to take urgent action to address health workforce shortages and to prioritise the wellbeing of the health workforce.

We have most recently developed submissions on funding of assisted dying services for implementation of the End-of-Life Care Act 2019 and proposals to widen the range of drugs able to be prescribed by designated pharmacist prescribers.

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