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Paediatric Anaesthesia Network New Zealand (PANNZ)


PANNZ was established to strengthen communication and collaboration between anaesthetists who care for children around the country.

The Network coordinates an annual update meeting for general anaesthetists who look after children, aiming to fulfil the requirements of the ANZCA PS 29. As well as in-situ paediatric anaesthesia crisis management courses (IS PACMaC) in conjunction with SPANZA and current PACMaC faculty.

The network was formed by the NZSA and the Society for Paediatric Anaesthesia in New Zealand and Australia (SPANZA), following an open forum held at the SPANZA ASM in Auckland in October 2015. The concept of a PANNZ was unanimously supported at the meeting.


The current Chair of PANNZ is Dr Caroline Zhou. If you are interested in getting in touch, please email the administrator.

National level governance is coordinated by the National Co-ordinating Group (NCG) committee, with representatives from each region and a Private Practice group, also including NZSA and SPANZA representation. NZSA provides administrative support and hosts PANNZ pages on the NZSA website. SPANZA co-hosts the Update Meetings and provides secretariat support.

PANNZ Members

PANNZ members, who are also SPANZA members, can be contacted for SPANZA applications as nominees indicated below by 'SM.' Regional committees will constitute representatives (the paediatric link-person) from every hospital in the region (including private hospitals with a paediatric case load), and will be coordinated by the following members:

Dr Caroline Zhou (Chair)

Dr Erica Hsu (Northland)

Dr Manoja Kalupahana (Waitemata)

Dr Kay Ottaway (Private Practice, Auckland)

Dr Kate Young (Starship)

Dr Kylie McGregor (Starship, SPANZA rep)

Dr David Heather (Middlemore)



Dr Caroline Zhou (Tauranga, Chair)

Dr Tim O’Brien (Tauranga)

Dr Andrew Martin (Waikato)

Dr Nick Harrison (Lakes)

Dr Claire Smith (Taranaki)

Dr Adele Wilson (Taranaki)

Dr Deon Stoltz (Tairawhiti)

Dr Tom Knobloch (Hawke’s Bay)

Dr Allanah Scott (Hawke’s Bay)

Dr YanYi Chuah (Palmerston North)

Dr Nitin Gadgil (Whanganui)

Dr Alisa Ireland (Hutt Valley)

Dr Kirsten Cunningham (Wellington)

Dr Indu Kapoor (Wellington)

Dr Alastair Mark (Nelson)

Dr Mark Robertson (Wairau Blenheim)

Dr Allison Betchel (West Coast)

Dr James Dalby-Ball (Christchurch)

Dr David Linscott (Christchurch)

Dr Ben van der Griend (Christchurch, NZSA rep)

Dr Jason Henwood (Dunedin)

Dr Richard More (Southland)

In addition, PANNZ is supported by a Paediatric Special Interest Group (SIG).

Cardiac kids for non-cardiac surgery – Sandy Garden, Chris Smit, Phil Wolstencroft.

Pain issues in Children – Jane Thomas, Charlotte Hill.

Syndromic kids – Henrik Hack and James Broadbent

In-situ paediatric anaesthesia crisis management courses (PACMaC)

PANNZ currently have a working group, in conjunction with SPANZA and current PACMaC faculty, aiming to deliver, tailored to local needs, in-situ paediatric anaesthesia crisis management courses (IS PACMaC) to operating theatres throughout the country. Successful full-day courses have been run in Waitakere, Middlemore, Whanganui and at three private hospitals in the Hawke’s Bay. The courses are tailored to the usual case mix for the hospital and involve the usual theatre teams and environment, enhancing the learning for both crisis management as well as local systems, processes and resources. The working group are really excited about the progress of this project and the potential it offers to departments around the country.

More coming soon.
Contact Dr Indu Kapoor to register your interest or find out more

Pedi Crises App 2.0

There is a Pedi Crisis 2.0 app that was launched at the SPA-AAP Pediatric Anesthesiology 2019 meeting. This free app was developed by the Society for Pediatric Anesthesia and provides a checklist approach to critical events during perioperative care. It is meant for real-time use during actual critical events but is also useful for self-study and review. Some features:

  • Diagnostic support
  • Optimized navigation
  • Weight-based dosing
  • Critical institution-specific phone numbers for emergency response

The Pedi Crisis 2.0 App® is a free resource to support clinician responses to paediatric perioperative life-threatening critical events. The electronic environment features optional diagnostic support, optimized navigation, weight-based dosing, critical institution-specific phone numbers pertinent to emergency response, and accessibility for those who want larger font sizes. The human factors design and functionality of the app were optimized for clinician use in real time during actual critical events, and can also be used for self-study or review. For each event, clinicians can quickly access pertinent information through the relevant tab: Dx for diagnosis, DDx for differential diagnosis, Tx for treatment, Drugs for a summary of drugs and dosages, Misc. for additional information (e.g. pacing instructions) and Crisis for additional (cardiac) crisis management information.

If interested, please download and you can give feedback to the Chair of PANNZ through the Administrator.