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President's Blog

President's Blog
December 2022 And so, another year draws to a close. Another year in our new pandemic normal, where we redefine ‘normal’ on a w...
13 December 2022
4.85 Min Read
October 2022 In 2016 I felt fortunate and humbled to be offered the deputy trainee representative position on the NZ Society of...
26 October 2022
2.98 Min Read
President's Blog
August 2022 My final blog! Where have those two years gone? It has been a rather constrained two years as President. My firs...
22 August 2022
4.87 Min Read
President's Blog
It’s Monday morning, dark, torrential rain outside. Winter has well and truly arrived. It feels hard to get out of bed, so I am writing this whilst...
13 June 2022
4.27 Min Read
President's Blog
I have struggled to write this month’s blog. The chatter in my head fuelling my self-doubts and the feeling of imposter syndrome (who wants to read...
22 April 2022
4.5 Min Read
President's Annual Report
'Advocacy, community and education are our key areas of work as we strive to strongly represent and support you, and to promote the perioperative s...
21 March 2022
7.28 Min Read
President's Blog
February 2022 I have just read my last blog of 2021 to see where I might go with this month’s blog. It is quite disheartening t...
4 February 2022
4.51 Min Read
President's Blog
November 2021 My final blog of the year, and once again I find myself thinking where on earth did this year go? I have jobs on ...
2 November 2021
5.21 Min Read
President's Blog
September 2021 It was inevitable, but still disappointing to find ourselves amid a Delta outbreak. I would like to acknowledge...
17 September 2021
6.29 Min Read
President's Blog
July 2021 In my last blog I focused on the End-of-Life Choice Act and its roll out on 7 November.  I really did feel quite in t...
7 July 2021
4.61 Min Read