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President's Blog

President's Annual Report
'Advocacy, community and education are our key areas of work as we strive to strongly represent and support you, and to promote the perioperative s...
21 March 2022
7.28 Min Read
President's Blog
I find it unbelievable that we are approaching the end of May, where is this year going? I also find it slightly unbelievable that all systems w...
15 March 2022
6.33 Min Read
President's Blog
Always a sign of stress, and often occurring before I have even realised I’m stressed, the dreaded difficulty with sleep initiation and remaining a...
4.69 Min Read
President's Blog
September 2021 It was inevitable, but still disappointing to find ourselves amid a Delta outbreak.  I would like to acknowledge all in the Auckland...
6.29 Min Read
President's Blog
We are hopefully in the final week of level 4 'Lockdown,' looking longingly ahead to an announcement the Government has said it will make this Mond...
3.65 Min Read
President's Blog
The long-awaited Simpson Health and Disability System Review report was released recently, and its goals are commendable; however, understanding th...
5.26 Min Read
President's Blog
In my last blog I focused on the End-of-Life Choice Act and its roll out on 7 November.  I really did feel quite in the dark when I wrote that. Man...
15 July 2021
4.61 Min Read