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End-of-Life Choice Act

End of Life Choice Act Resources

This NZSA provides information and resources to support our members in relation to the End-of-Life Choice Act implementation. An assisted dying service was introduced in New Zealand on 7th November 2021.

SCENZ list registration remains open

Registration remains open for the lists held by the Support and Consultation for End of Life in New Zealand (SCENZ) Group. These are lists of medical practitioners, nurse practitioners and psychiatrists who are willing to provide assisted dying services.

The lists are held securely by the Ministry of Health, and a practitioner’s details are only provided to a person accessing the service with the practitioner’s consent.

Practitioners providing assisted dying services are supported by the Assisted Dying Secretariat throughout the process. There are also opportunities to join peer networks with other practitioners involved in the assisted dying service.

If you are interested in registering on one of the lists, please contact the Secretariat for more information and access to the relevant training. You can reach the Secretariat via or by calling 0800 223 852.

E-learning modules for all health professionals

There are three e-learning modules available for all health professionals. These can be completed individually or as a group learning tool, such as in a team meeting.

Health professionals are encouraged to complete these modules to improve their understanding of assisted dying and help them prepare for situations where a person they care for asks about or chooses to access assisted dying. These modules have relevance to practitioners who are choosing not to be involved in assisted dying, including for reasons of conscientious objection.

Funding for providing assisted dying services

The funding mechanism to pay health practitioners for providing assisted dying services has been created through a section 88 notice under the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000. This came into effect from 7 November 2021 when the EOLC Act 2019 came into force and assisted dying became legal in New Zealand. To find out more about the section 88 notice including the pricing schedule visit the Ministry of Health website.

Need support or have questions?

The Assisted Dying Secretariat at the Ministry of Health can practitioners, people accessing the service, and their whānau navigate the assisted dying service. The secretariat includes the Registrar (assisted dying), clinical advisors to provide case management support for the assisted dying service, and advisory staff.

If you have questions or need support related to assisted dying services, please email the Secretariat or call 0800 223 852.