Aotearoa NZ Anaesthesia ASM 2024

17 April 2024
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Feature article from NZ Anaesthesia Issue 64, April 2024.
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Working Together

7-9 November 2024
Aotea Centre, Auckland Tāmaki Makaurau


Working together to provide the best care for our patients and the multidisciplinary nature of our work inspired the theme of this year’s Aotearoa NZ Anaesthesia ASM – working together.

Waitematā 2024 organising committee, led by Dr Karen Park and Dr Daniel Chiang, want to celebrate the excellent working relationship of anaesthetists, not just within anaesthesia but several other medical specialities.

“From the early planning stage” Dr Park shares, “the organising committee saw this as an exciting opportunity to reflect, present and share our own experiences and strengths by highlighting the importance of collaboration and teamwork”.

“Speakers for 2024 will represent the many specialties we work with, alongside rising young talent making their debut in the scientific events scene to bring new ideas, experiences and exciting challenges.”

“The organising committee had a strong vision to invite speakers whom delegates would feel excited to hear from and to meet in person. Each of our four international speakers represent different facets within anaesthesia and are all first-time speakers in Aotearoa New Zealand”.

“For example, Professor Ki Jinn Chin, whose regional anaesthesia videos many of us will have watched on YouTube. Professor BobbieJean Sweitzer, an international lecturer and expert in perioperative medicine, Associate Professor Joyce Yeung, the Director of Perioperative Medicine Clinical Trials Network in the UK, and Associate Professor Hairil Rizal Abdullah from Singapore who will speak on a range of topics including his work leading a preoperative assessment initiative and prehabilitation programme, and artificial intelligence.”

“We are looking forward to hearing from a lineup of 60 international and local speakers and welcoming speakers, delegates, and industry to Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland.


Members of the 2024 Organising Committee from Waitematā, Dr Rebecca Brinkler, Dr Karen Park, Dr Daniel Chiang, Dr Matt Lowe.

“Auckland is the networking hub of Aotearoa, connecting us to the rest of the world and we have reflected this in the visual theming this year by featuring the artwork of our own homegrown artist and anaesthetist, Dr Glenn Mulholland.”

“The meeting will be held in the newly renovated Aotea Centre’s auditorium (with parking and childcare available). Conveniently located close to Auckland CBD, delegates can easily explore the local culinary scene at the end of the day and join us for the highlight of the social programme – a wonderful gala dinner at the stunning Viaduct Events Centre, overlooking the Waitematā Harbour on the Friday evening.”

The Perioperative Symposium

A unique addition to this year’s meeting is a one-off Perioperative Symposium to be held on the Tuesday prior, November 5th.

“This full-day event will be dedicated to perioperative medicine. Open not only to anaesthetists but anyone interested in working and collaborating in this field,including surgeons, physicians, intensivists, nurses, and allied health professionals. Tell your colleagues!”

“All of our international keynote speakers will be speaking during the event, sharing their expertise in this field alongside a multidisciplinary programme of speakers covering a number of hot topics and new research.”

Registration opens May 30th.

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