Government urged to heed health advice on climate change

34 days ago
By: Daphne Atkinson

Ahead of the global climate change conference COP26 in Glasgow, Ora Taiao (NZ Health and Climate Council) sent a letter to the Prime Minister and Climate Change Minister saying that action to date has been inadequate. The letter was endorsed by several health organisations, including the NZSA, which is a member of Ora Taiao.


“We are concerned that, going into COP26, New Zealand’s response and commitments thus far have been inadequate,” said Dr Dermot Coffey, a Christchurch GP who is co-convenor of OraTaiao, the Climate & Health Council. 

“As a health crisis, climate change absolutely dwarfs Covid – even the absolute worst-case scenario for Covid is a fraction of what climate change will cause.”

The letter calls for more urgent action and for the country to put health and wellbeing, and indigenous and marginalised voices, at the centre of its response. Read the full Newsroom article here