How to join

Joining the NZSA is easy. We have highlighted some information below that you might find useful when signing up.  Join today!

Membership Information

Types of Membership

The Society offers four categories of membership:

  1. Ordinary Membership which includes Active, Continuing or Long Service, Retired and Trainee
  2. Honorary membership
  3. Life Membership
  4. Associate Membership

If you are on the SMO MECA (relevant for many in ‘MOSS’ and ‘Fellow” positions), then please select the “Ordinary Membership” option as you will be able to claim back the full membership fee from your DHB.

Annual subscriptions are based on membership category and are determined annually at the NZSA AGM.

If you are applying to be a member for the first time

Pro-rata rate

New Ordinary (Full) members have the option to pay a pro-rata amount at any stage of the year, up until 30 November.  After this date, any new registrations will be registering for the next subscription year i.e. a full subscription will be payable.

If you are a new member tick no for returning members question.

Fees are reviewed yearly at the NZSA Annual General Meeting.

If you are a returning member

If you are a returning member tick yes, and fill in the respective years. Returning members are required to pay the full annual membership year fee regardless of when they re-join.  Please note that all returning members will be presented for ratification at the next Executive Committee Meeting.

Registering your details

We ask all our members to complete in full the details on the form so that your records are current and accurate. We ask for your year of birth and gender -  this helps us to obtain accurate demographics of our membership which allows us to better represent the community we are supporting.

Once you register your details, you will be directed to a payment screen to pay your subscription (unless you are selecting the free Trainee Member option).

Payment Process

Upon completion of payment you will be sent an automated acknowledgement of your registration as well as details to gain access to the members’ only section of the website. For those logging in for the first time, we would recommend resetting your password after logging in. Once the process is completed, access to the members’ only section will be triggered.

Credit Card payment (Visa or MasterCard ) via the website is preferred but you can also pay by cheque or internet banking into our account: 02 0168-0240227-000 (BNZ) referencing NZSA Subs and your name to assist with payment reconciliation.

The membership year is 1 January to 31 December, with fees reviewed at the NZSA Annual General Meeting.

The website has an automated process built in whereby members who have not paid by 31 January will not be able to access member pages until their membership is renewed.

If you are an SMO or MOSS

If you are on the SMO MECA (relevant for many in ‘MOSS’ and ‘Fellow” positions), then please select the “Ordinary Membership” option as you will be able to claim back the full membership fee from your DHB.

Trainee membership

Trainee membership is free.  This does not include the AIC Journal, however you have the option of adding the journal subscription to your trainee membership for a fee.

Taking a break from your membership

Sometimes members take a break from membership, for example, if they are travelling overseas for a fellowship year or going on maternity leave.  If you are not able to claim back your fees during this period please contact us so we can put your membership on hold or provide you with a short-term solution.  Contact: Membership Manager.

Claiming back NZSA membership fees

Ordinary members can claim back their fees or a percentage of their fees depending on their FTE when working in public under the Collective Agreement.

Private anaesthetists can claim all or a portion of their fees as a business expense depending on the portion of their private practice.

View the NZ DHB Senior Medical and Dental Officers Collective Agreement here.

Some DHBs have policies or guidelines that may place tighter restrictions on claiming professional body subscriptions.  Please contact ASMS for clarification if this occurs.