Trainee Representatives

The NZSA has two trainee representatives on our Executive Committee.

Strong representation

The NZSA has two trainee representatives on our Executive Committee. They provide a strong voice for trainees and keep the NZSA updated on key trainee issues and concerns.
Our representatives are full voting members of the NZSA Executive, and at least one attends each Executive meeting. Trainees are welcome to contact our trainee representatives with issues or concerns (see contact details of our trainee reps below).

Our trainee representatives communicate with the heads of anaesthesia trainee organisations, such as the ANZCA Trainee Committee (Australasian level); ANZCA NZ Trainee Committee (National level), and Australian Society of Anaesthetists Trainee Committee (ASA-TC, sister organisation in Australia).

Role of the NZSA Trainee representatives include:

a) Presenting the views of Trainee members and being their advocate

b) Organising the NZ Part 3 Course  – held every two years

c) Maintaining and updating the NZSA Trainee webpages

d) Ongoing articles to publications such as NZSA magazine, and ANZCA NZ Trainees Handbook

Trainee rep contact details:

Trainee Representative: Dr Michael Wadsworth
Deputy Trainee Representative: Dr Mikaela Gardner

Interested in being a future Trainee Rep?
 You’ll have a desire to contribute to our profession and support your colleagues, along with some spare time! Contact our reps to find out more about what the role entails.

Other Trainee Organisations

The ANZCA Trainee Committee (ATC) and the ANZCA New Zealand Trainee Committee (NZTC)

Each region in Australia has a committee, as does New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore.  Their role is to provide a link between trainees and the core functions of ANZCA, as well as look after trainee welfare

The ANZCA NZTC’s major work has been to produce the trainee handbook, Anaesthesia Training in New Zealand Made Easy, which aims to guide trainees through their anaesthesia courses.  It is an excellent publication and recommended reading.

The NZSA Trainee Representative is an invited observer to both the ATC and NZTC meetings.

The Australian Society of Anaesthetists – Trainee Committee

ASA-TC is the representative body within the ASA to address the needs of trainees within Australia. Each state in Australia has a representative, and the NZSA Trainee Representatives are invited attendees to their meetings. It aims to give trainees an official independent voice and a forum for discussion. ASA-TC is dedicated to meeting the needs of trainee anaesthetists and assists trainees across education, wellbeing and practice matters.

A bi-yearly handbook for trainee members, sent out to all ANZCA trainees, is a collaborative project between ASA-TC, the ATC, and the NZSA.

The Doctors in Training Council (DiTC) of the New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA)

The DiTC links all future consultants and GPs in New Zealand. Each year there is a Trainee Forum, where trainee reps from every college and organisation representing trainees and medical students in New Zealand meet to discuss issues which affect all trainees. This allows for cross-fertilisation between specialties. It is attended by the NZSA Trainee Rep and the ANZCA NZ Trainee Committee Chair representing all NZ anaesthesia trainees.

The New Zealand Resident Doctors Association (RDA) and Specialty Trainees of New Zealand (SToNZ)

The RDA and SToNZ are the major representative associations for Resident Medical Officers (RMOs) (i.e. house officers and registrars) in New Zealand. One of the most important roles of the RDA is negotiation of the Multi-Employer Collective Agreement (MECA) which covers RMOs employment contracts and conditions for those employed by DHBs across New Zealand.