Global Health Committee

The NZSA supports outreach projects thought its Global Health Committee (GHC), the  Lifebox Project and the Hugh Spencer Education Fund. The GHC Chair is Dr Indu Kapoor.

Pacific Collaboration

The NZSA has a strong and long standing commitment to supporting overseas anaesthetists in developing countries.
Our main focus is the Pacific: providing education/training, financial assistance and resources. We also provide locums to cover lists, which enable Pacific anaesthetists to attend international meetings and refresher courses, as well as take a break when needed. A number of NZ anaesthetists have experience working in the Pacific, and further afield, and find it very rewarding.

Ambitious 2030 goals for global surgical and anaesthesia services

Dr Alan Goodey, member of the NZSA GHC, has written a comprehensive article about the Lancet Commission’s ambitious goals for 2030, which include a minimum of 80% coverage of essential surgical and anaesthesia services per country. A second indicator which is more easily measured but still extremely challenging is 100% of countries having a minimum of 20 SAO (specialist surgeons, specialist obstetricians and specialist anaesthetists/anaesthesiologists) per 100,000 population. How can the NZSA and its members help to achieve these goals? Read more


Lifebox is a WFSA project which distributes pulse oximeters to developing countries (a non-invasive medical device that checks the level of oxygen in a patient's bloodstream and sounds an alarm as soon as it detects the slightest unsafe change). A pulse oximeter has been described as "the most important monitoring tool in modern anaesthesia practice."

The NZSA has supported Lifebox over many years as part of its overseas aid work. The Australasian Lifebox Committee is made up of ANZCA, ASA, NZSA and Interplast - funds are allocated to regions around the world. Dr Alan Goodey, a member of the GHC and a past Chair, represents the NZSA on this committee.  

Support for the Pacific Society of Anaesthetists

As a member of the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA), the NZSA is committed to improving anaesthesia services in the Pacific, which it considers its first priority for educational assistance and collegial support.

Our assistance in providing locums from NZ enables anaesthetists from Pacific nations to attend international educational meetings or refresher courses. We do this by sponsorship and arranging locum anaesthetists to cover lists while Pacific anaesthetists are away. The Society has also assisted in arranging emergency relief cover.

To find out about the Pacific Society of Anaesthetists please see their Facebook page here. The NZSA hosts webpages for the PSA on its website as part of its ongoing commitment to the Pacific.

Hugh Spencer Education Fund

The Spencer Family Trust developed the fund to be used for education opportunities in the Pacific and is overseen by the NZSA Global Health Committee. Hugh Spencer was a highly respected anaesthetist who was a Life Member of the NZSA, the former head of the Waikato Department, and a Life Member of the PSA. He also received an ANZCA citation for valiant service and the NZ Order of Merit for services to medicine in 2010. 

If you wish to donate, please send funds directly to the Hugh Spencer Fund bank account: 02-0168-0240227-007.

Please include your name and details to help us identify the payee. Members making donations can claim certain tax deductions.

Global Health Committee members

Indu Kapoor (Chair), Alan Goodey, Wayne Morris, James Dalby-Ball (new member, Nov 2019), Alastair Mark, Petra Linden-Ross (new member, August 2019), Ted Hughes, Maurice Lee, and Dominic Johnpillai (trainee representative)