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President's Blog

President's Blog
September 2020 In an alternate version of 2020, I am sitting in the sun, drinking a hoppy little Czech beer, and enjoying bante...
16 September 2020
5 Min Read
President's Blog
July 2020 The long-awaited Simpson Health and Disability System Review report was released recently, and its goals are commenda...
2 July 2020
5.27 Min Read
President's Blog
April 2020 We are hopefully in the final week of level 4 'Lockdown,' looking longingly ahead to an announcement the Government ...
17 April 2020
3.65 Min Read
President's Blog
February 2020 Always a sign of stress, and often occurring before I have even realised I’m stressed, the dreaded difficulty wit...
27 February 2020
4.7 Min Read