Wellness toolkit for anaesthetists

15 March 2022
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Wellness toolkit for anaesthetistsMain Image

The Long Lives, Healthy Workplaces toolkit has been designed for anaesthesia departments to support good mental health and prevent mental ill-health and suicidal behaviour amongst anaesthetists and anaesthetic trainees. Strongly evidence-based, it recognises the unique challenges faced by anaesthetists in their day-to-day work. The toolkit includes resources to implement initiatives, such as having a wellbeing officer for every department, and forming peer groups for colleagues to get together and reflect on cases, mostly covering non-technical areas.

The toolkit is an initiative of the Wellbeing of Anaesthetists Special Interest Group (SIG) and Everymind (a leading institute dedicated to the prevention of mental ill health), with support from the ASA (Australia).  We encourage you to access the toolkit which is a comprehensive, innovative resource tailored to anaesthetists. The NZSA has published an article in the September issue of our magazine to provide guidance and advice on using this resource.