Podcast – Episode 9

27 June 2023
0.93 Min Read

Podcast – Episode  9Main Image

The next two episodes of the NZ Anaesthesia podcast focus on our Anaesthetic Assistant workforce. This first of these out now!

National Clinical Nurse Consultant, Siân Mitchell, a registered nurse, and anaesthetic technician, was integral in the development and implementation of Southern Cross Healthcare’s Assistant to the Anaesthetist (RN-AA) training programme.

What is involved in the RN-AA training programme and how does this role work alongside our anaesthesia assistance workforce? Siân addresses these questions for us in this episode and offers insight into how our anaesthesia community can successfully support one another to offer the best for our patients.

Make sure to join us soon for the second Anaesthetic Assistant episode when NZATS President Matt Lawrence shares initiatives towards supporting our future Anaesthetic Technicians during their study.

Whether at home, work, on your commute or exercising, we hope you enjoy listening to our podcast! We welcome your feedback and look forward to releasing future episodes!

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