Podcast – Episode 8

3 May 2023
1.11 Min Read

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The NZSA Podcast has released its eighth episode!

An approachable conversation about finance and investing for Anaesthetists and trainees (or any busy Kiwi doc).

For the first time, the NZSA podcast reaches outside of Anaesthesia with special guest, finance expert and The Curve co-founder, Victoria Harris. Victoria shares with host Dr Morgan Edwards helpful information for anyone, no matter your familiarity or experience on the topic. Covering: finance and investing for those starting out in their career, using an expert or going DIY, introducing investing to your children, platforms and tools and planning for your retirement.

You can visit The Curve or listen to their podcast too.

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Whether at home, work, on your commute or exercising, we hope you enjoy listening to our podcast! We welcome your feedback and look forward to releasing future episodes!

This episode was created for informational and educational purposes only, it does not constitute financial or investment advice. The resources mentioned are not endorsed by the NZSA.

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