PHARMAC suxamethonium update

15 March 2022
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The brand of suxamethonium chloride inj 50 mg per ml, 2 ml ampoule is changing from AstraZeneca to Martindale. Martindale is supplied by Max Health.

From 1 September 2020, Martindale was listed in Section H of the Pharmaceutical Schedule.
From 1 February 2021, Martindale will have Hospital Sole Supply Status and AstraZeneca will be delisted.

The new brand of suxamethonium chloride is packaged using glass ampoulesMartindale is presented in 2 ml glass ampoules in a pack size of 10.

The shelf life of MartindaleThe shelf life is 18 months when stored appropriately. The Datasheet for Martindale does not indicate an official shelf life when stored outside of a fridge. However, the manufacturer has data to support the stability of Martindale over 20 cycles of nine hours per day at 25°C. This is equivalent to 20 working days if the ampoule is returned to the fridge 15 hours overnight.