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Even if health professionals are not directly providing assisted dying services, or parts of the service, they will still need to understand the Ac...
15 March 2022
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BriefThe role of an Anaesthetist is incredibly diverse and one of the best specialties in medicine – many don’t realise the breadth of your contrib...
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The Māori Health Authority will also work alongside the Ministry of Health in developing strategies and policies that work for Māori. The Govern...
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The Assisted dying care pathway: Overview e-learning module explains the process for accessing assisted dying, including the roles of different hea...
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The ASA does regular podcasts for anaesthetists. This podcast of professional supervision looks at the importance of accessing this support before ...
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“We are concerned that, going into COP26, New Zealand’s response and commitments thus far have been inadequate,” said Dr Dermot Coffey, a Christchu...
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The NZSA joined medical colleges and other health organisations to endorse a letter (6,733 signatures) reassuring the public about the safety and e...
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We wanted photos of you at work  – in theatres, clinics, research, teaching, staff meetings, engaging with colleagues, and outside of work - social...
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The Ministry of Health's statement expresses the view that individuals cannot be refused access to health care. Any restrictions to access health c...
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My final blog of the year, and once again I find myself thinking where on earth did this year go?  I have jobs on my job list from the end of last ...
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