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Dramatic changes to the health sector are needed if the Government is to achieve its goals of a zero carbon public sector by 2025. OPINION piece pu...
15 March 2022
0.23 Min Read
I’m looking out over the Pahia coastline writing this blog.  I have been at the Cultural and Leadership Hui organised by ANZCA NZNC this weekend in...
6.13 Min Read
There is evidence that poor mental health and well-being among health professionalsimpairs quality of patient care. Poor mental health can drive he...
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Among the recipients of this funding is Whakauae Research Services which has received $5 million from the Health Research Council of New Zealand (H...
0.83 Min Read
With deep and sustained reductions in CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions in coming decades, we could keep warming around the 1.5C mark and then...
0.21 Min Read
We appreciate our members' commitment and dedication to patients and Aotearoa’s health sector.  We know that this will be a challenging time for ma...
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Developed in partnership between the Ministry of Health and Standards New Zealand, the Standard consolidates four individual standards from across ...
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If you would like to order free hard copies for your patients and whānau or waiting room, please email and advise quant...
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This 20-minute module covers: an overview of the Act and assisted dying some of the key safeguards in the assisted dying process; and how assi...
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Dr Bale was a senior lecturer in anaesthesia at the University of Fiji for over 20 years, where, amongst many other accolades, she was responsible ...
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