NZSA Website Guidance

We have developed a document with information and instructions to help you access the information you need on the NZSA website.

Please read document below for instructions and guidance on navigating the NZSA website.

Website Guidance Information

When reviewing our website and looking to rebuild, we asked our members and Executive, ‘what is important?’ ‘What do you want from this website?’ The feedback we received was that it needs to be easy to navigate, have a good login and registration process, and that information is relevant and up to date.   

Listening to the feedback and to enhance our own administrative processes we made some key changes:

  1. easy, secure login and password recovery;
  2. simple and easy to navigate;
  3. removal of redundant features, e.g. the shop;
  4. streamlined events page to showcase New Zealand events and key overseas events requested by our Networks. We will be directing members to the ACE website for other international events;
  5. easy to set up new events;
  6. easy to update;
  7. consistent and interactive design that is mobile friendly;
  8. advanced database functionality.


Some background on what the changes are and why

We hope you find this useful for first time navigation. 

Our website is our biggest communication tool and we wanted it to reflect our Strategic Plan so members can see the alignment of our strategic goals and the work we are doing to achieve these. To keep members informed we have developed a site which we can easily update with the latest news and events.

  1. Streamlined menu

You will find the navigation of our website menu in line with our Strategic Plan.  We have divided the bulk of our menu under our three key pillars which reflect our main areas of work for members: Advocacy, Community, and Education.  This will give you an ongoing oversight of our key activities. 

Tab 1, Advocacy showcases our submissions that we write on behalf of members as well as our communication tools, the magazine and e-zine. It houses what we advocate on, and how we communicate this to you

Tab 2, Community is focused on connecting and informing members about what is happening in the anaesthesia community across our different networks and subcommittees. Our network pages include network news, updates, resources, as well as network membership and contact details for each network. It includes who is in our community and how we relate to them.  We are also listing job vacancies in this section as part of our community portal. 

Tab 3, Education includes upcoming New Zealand events, and educational resources and information to assist with your CME.

We have a section for Membership, which includes information about the benefits of being a member, and guidance on how to join and renew your membership.

Our Patient Section (which we will continue to expand) aligns to the goal in our Strategic Plan to be a source of information for patients.

The last section is About the NZSA which includes our History, Constitution, Strategic Plan, Executive Committee members and Staff.  


Members’ only section

To deliver a cost-effective website with good functionality, we chose a hybrid option of customisation and an off the shelf product.  Our public site is secure and open to everyone and aims to keep information flow simple and easy to access. However, as members you have some extra benefits e.g. key member resources, and we wanted this information to be accessible only to you.  Our members only section is therefore a separate system to the public site and can only be accessed via your member login.  You will be sent an email with login details for the members only site in the next few days and asked to reset your password.  This system hosts our database and all the member only information securely. We do not store your credit card or bank account details on this system.

Our database is on a robust and expandable platform that comes with inbuilt features so you will see some difference in the layout.  

Please note that staff will not have access to your password, and you can reset your password yourself at any time.  

We hope that you find the members’ only section easy to navigate. There are small design feature differences between the two systems, but the transition should be relatively seamless. There will be an automatic log out of the members’ section after a period of inactivity.

AIC Journal

Due to the new system’s capabilities, we have been able to bring the management of the AIC Journal inhouse.  This was previously administered by the Australian Society of Anaesthetists and created double handling when updating information.  The new system means members no longer need two passwords to access the Journal.  If you are a full member or have a journal subscription, you will be able to access the AIC Journal while you are logged in. 


Your profile

This is where you can update your details, pay fees, find receipts, and see what events you have attended.  As we become more comfortable with the functionality of the new system, we will do more direct communication through the members only section. You will also be able to keep track of past communications through your profile.  


NZSA supported events

The members platform has an easy to use events module to run small events or catered meetings to help reduce email and admin time for our members requesting this service. It is also easy to add more fields and collect demographic data when registering members which gives us better analytics for our advocacy work as well.

Member feedback

As members this is your portal and we want you to be very comfortable using it. We hope that you find the new site easy to use, and welcome your feedback and suggestions.   We will use your suggestions to make continuous improvements to the site and to keep you connected to the work we do on your behalf.

If you need any assistance please contact Lynne Mulder-Wood our Membership Manager