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Choosing Wisely

Just because tests and treatments are available, doesn’t mean we should always use them.

Tests, treatments and procedures have side-effects and some may even cause harm.  For example, CT scans and x-rays expose you to radiation; overuse of antibiotics leads to them becoming less effective; a false positive test may lead to painful and stressful further investigation.

In this section you will find lists and questions relating to specific problems and concerns – and the questions to ask before agreeing to a medical intervention or test.

As each situation is unique, health care professionals and patients should have a conversation to work out an appropriate health care plan together.

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Advance Care Plans (ACP)

An advance care plan is a way of recording what a person wants in relation to all current and future care. This can include future medical treatments and procedures, in an event where a person loses their capacity to make their own decisions.

Before surgery a member of your medical team may ask whether you have an ACP.

It could be used in the event of heart failure during surgery, and enables the medical team and the family to feel safe in the knowledge that they are carrying out your wishes.

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