Info for patients

This section provides information and resources for patients and the public about Anaesthesia and the role of Anaesthetists.

Your anaesthetic leaflet

As part of our commitment to Informed Consent, the Society produces an information leaflet about anaesthesia that may be given to patients before a medical procedure (sample copy available to view below). 

For orders or any queries regarding this leaflet, please email Lynne Mulder-Wood at

Your Anaesthetic (last updated November 2018) is sold to hospitals on request and on a cost recovery basis.

The cost is 85 cents per leaflet plus GST and freight for orders 1000 and over.  For orders under 1000, the cost is $1.10 per leaflet plus GST and freight.

ACC - Anaesthesia Assessment – Patient Questionnaire

The NZSA and ACC jointly developed a patient questionnaire assessment form over 10 years ago.  You can download the patient questionnaire for your practice below.