WebAIRS is an online anaesthetic incident reporting system, which aims to improve the safety and quality of anaesthesia care for patients in Australia and New Zealand. Visit ANZTADC.

What is ANZTADC?

ANZTADC is the Australian and New Zealand Tripartite Anaesthetic Data Committee, which represents and is funded by: the Australian Society of Anaesthetists (40%), the New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists (10%) and the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (50%).
ANZTADC’s mission is to improve the safety and quality of anaesthesia for patients in Australia and New Zealand by providing an enduring capability to capture, analyse and disseminate information about incidents (de-identified) relative to the safety and quality of anaesthesia in New Zealand and Australia.


ANZTADC developed a free, web-based tool for recording anaesthetic incident data, known as WebAIRS (web-based anaesthetic incident recording system). This tool can be used by all anaesthetic departments in New Zealand and Australia. If you would like to join the project and send de-identified incident data from your hospital to this bi-national registry visit An article published in December 2021 provides an overview of 2021 highlights and reflects on the history of webAIRs. Read here

WebAIRS is e-Health compliant and can be incorporated into hospital systems to assist anaesthetists to report, evaluate and receive information about anaesthetic incidents. Results of the incident analyses is fed back into the system so that the ‘loop’ can be closed as part of a quality improvement system.  

WebAIRS software includes a tool for presenting incidents at local morbidity and mortality meetings while maintaining anonymity at a national level. If the hospital has an e-Health compliant Anaesthetic Recording System then data can be shared electronically with ANZTADC.

CPD credits are applicable when reporting incident data to ANZTADC. The programme allows participants to either print a certificate to confirm the credits or to send confirmation by email.

History of ANZTADC

ANZTADC was formed in 2005 by ANZCA, the ASA and the NZSA. A review of existing incident reporting systems was undertaken in 2005-2007 and requirements were drawn up to create the webAIRS software programme. The pilot release of webAIRS took place in 2009 and hospitals were recruited to take part. Ethics approval followed and memorandum of agreements were obtained. 

The programme was released throughout New Zealand and Australia in October 2010.  The project does not replace or interfere with existing hospital incident recording and management systems (including AIMS) however it enables the forwarding of a de-identified subset of the data to a bi-national registry.

The bi-national registry will be used to work out strategies for preventing such incidents in the future. The project has qualified privilege from the Ministry of Heath in New Zealand and the Department of Health and Ageing in Australia to collect the data and protect it once collected.