Trainee Resource Links

Useful links and resources for trainees.

Trainee resource links

Anaesthesia Training in New Zealand Made Easy

A Guide for anaesthesia training in New Zealand provided by the ANZCA New Zealand Trainee Committee. Excellent resource for overview on training and different training hospitals around NZ.

MAK95 Program

Designed to help prepare for the ANZCA Primary Exam. Requires a one off payment to have access to database. Currently has more up to date information and questions. Also has links to other notes and resources useful for the Primary Exam, including “Primary LO of the Day” – website made by primary examiners to help candidates with preparation for the exam.

Anaesthesia Education Website

Run by Dr Kerry Brandis. Contains the Black Bank Wiki and other resources.

Anaesthesia Research Review

Reviews of recent research publications in anaesthesia. Made available to anaesthetists through the support of the NZSA.

Supportive Anaesthesia Trainee-Led Audit and Research Network (SATURN)

Collaborative organisation dedicated to facilitating trainee-led audit and research within NZ. A great resource for helping to overcome practical and organisational challenges of multi-centre projects through collective support.

Update in Anaesthesia

Official education journal of the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA). Has articles listed by issue and category.

Anaesthesia Tutorial of the Week (ATOTW)

A weekly web-based tutorial run by the WFSA.

Anaesthesia podcasts from Dr Podcast

A large collection of podcasts. Requires payment, but useful for primary and final exam preparation

Ultrasound-guided Regional Anaesthesia Links

New York School of Regional Anesthesia (NYSORA)

Ultrasound for Regional Anesthesia (USRA)
Comprehensive website by the Toronto Western Hsopital

A great resource with illustrations to help identify structures seen on ultrasound. Run by Neuraxiom LLC, a US company.

Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia Web
By the Dept of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Better Anaesthesia Through Sonography (BATS)

Run by a group of ultrasound enthusiasts from the Department of Anaesthesia at Auckland City Hospital.