Relative Value Guide (RVG)

We are pleased to present the 2015 revised edition of the Relative Value Guide (RVG).

The RVG is a members only benefit.  It has been developed to assist our members who are in, or are considering working in private practice.  The NZSA has sought legal advice and considered previous correspondence from the Commerce Commission, which has been considered in the revision of the RVG. 

Members are reminded of their commercial responsibilities and that collusion or price fixing is a breach of the Commerce Act.  How you run your private practice and what you charge patients is private, and commercially sensitive information.

The NZSA RVG is a Relative Value Guide, NOT a fee schedule. This revised guide, based on the original designed by the NZSA, is a means of assessing units spent in relation to specific anaesthetic services. The NZSA RVG can be a useful guide however anaesthetists are not compelled to use it.

We wish to acknowledge the hard work of the NZSA Private Practice Network and the RVG Working Group. To download a copy click on view the content below.