Pacific Anaesthesia Collaborative Training (PACT) Donations

Why donate?

The NZSA Global Health Committee launched PACT to help provide sustainable support to anaesthesia workforce development in the Pacific Islands.


The World Health Organisation and the Lancet Commission of Global Surgery outline the need for a global increase of safe anaesthesia services, especially in low-income and middle-income countries. PACT will allow the NZSA to strengthen our partnership with the Pacific, helping them meet the WHO/Lancet’s 2030 target of at least 5 anaesthetists per 100 000 general population of the country.

PACT also aims to facilitate mutually beneficial trainee development, by helping New Zealand (NZ) anaesthesia trainees gain experience in global health, health inequalities, and resource-limited anaesthesia.

Help provide safe anaesthesia in the Pacific, just with one coffee per week!


Funding a Pacific Island anaesthesia trainee through the 3-year FNU Masters programme costs approximately NZD 20,000 per year.  While Pacific Islands  struggle to fund trainee development, your support can help develop a sustainable anaesthesia workforce across the Pacific. 

If just 77 people donate one coffee per week to our PACT fund, we can provide the entire cost of a Pacific Island trainee’s education through the Masters programme. It’s that simple! 

Click above to sign up for our PACT fundraising drive, to give one or two coffees a week.  This is a recurring automatic payment taken weekly from your account once set up.


Frequently asked questions

Where do the donations go?

Your donation is received by the NZSA, who will set aside this money in a PACT-fund. The NZSA Global Health Committee will use this fund to support Pacific Island trainees in the 3-years Masters programme.

Are donations tax deductible?

Unfortunately as the NZSA is not recognised as an international charity, your donations will not be tax deductible as they will be spent outside of New Zealand.

How long do I need to give for?

We do not ask you to commit to any specific length of contribution and you are welcome to change your support at any time. Sustainable workforce planning in the Pacific is an ongoing issue, and we are looking forward to 2030 goals.

Will I find out what happened to my donation?

As beneficiaries of PACT’s educational grants, Pacific Island trainees will be asked to submit short reports to update us of progress. Check out our website and social media for updates on their work.

How will educational grants be administered?

The NZSA GHC will liaise with the FNU and the respective heads of the departments (HODs) and Ministry of Health of Pacific countries with limited anaesthesia workforce and resources. Applicants will be selected based on the need for anaesthetists, the considerations with the above stakeholders, and other relevant factors.

Can I give a one off donation?

Improving access to anaesthesia education in the Pacific is an ongoing priority, and so your recurring donations will help provide sustainable access over the long term. Your one off donation is also extremely welcomed, please donate to the following NZSA PACT bank account: 02-0168-0240227-008

Training anaesthetists in the Pacific

The NZSA and ASA have supported postgraduate training in anaesthesia at the Fiji National University (FNU).  Doctors that have completed a one-year diploma in anaesthesia will apply for the three-year Fiji Masters Course, which will produce anaesthetists with a degree roughly equivalent to our ANZCA Fellowship. These Consultant/Specialist Anaesthetists will have a major impact on the development of anaesthesia wherever they end up working, helping train other anaesthetists in their home countries, and developing robust anaesthesia and critical care services. 

Funding trainees through this 3-years Masters programme is a huge barrier to anaesthesia development in the Pacific. As trainees and their home countries struggle to meet these costs, their stretched workforce risks burnout as anaesthetists move to other countries, change specialties, or leave medicine altogether.

By creating a sustainable funding stream, the NZSA hopes to support Pacific trainees through the Masters programme, and to help grow safe, sustainable anaesthesia across the Pacific. 



Scholarships and Grants for New Zealand and Australian trainees

There are a variety of scholarships that are aimed at supporting NZ/Aus trainees who are looking to engage with Pacific Anaesthesia. We've listed a few of these below to help you with research.

Overseas Aid Trainee Grant, NZSA: provides funding for trainees to attend the Pacific Society of Anaesthesia annual conference. Contact the NZSA for Global Health Committee information.

ANZCA Global Development Committee Scholarships, ANZCA: supports a final year ANZCA trainee to accompany a visiting team and thereby improve their knowledge and understanding of the challenges of providing anaesthesia and/or pain medicine in the developing world. Find out how to apply at

Sereima Bale Fellowship Programme, ASA: by the ASA Overseas Development and Education Committee (ODEC) committee. 3 months scholarships are available. The role involves teaching and clinical support for Pacific Trainee Anaesthetists based in Suva, Fiji Islands. Contact for more information.