NZSA endorses open letter supporting COVID-19 vaccination

5 months ago
By: Daphne Atkinson

The NZSA has endorsed a letter written by Doctors of Aotearoa New Zealand in support of vaccination as our best means of protection against COVID. We are calling on all doctors to sign this letter, which has been reviewed by public health physicians and promotes the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine to the general public.

The open letter has been signed by many doctors representing a range of specialties including public health physicians, GPs, ICU physicians, anaesthetists, emergency specialists, obstetricians, and surgeons.

Read the letter and sign here

You will need to provide your name, MCNZ number, qualification and specialty - this ensures that each signature can be verified to ensure the legitimacy of the letter.

There is an associated FAQ document that you can view on the link also.

The letter has been reviewed by public health physicians. The FAQs have been reviewed by public health physicians and IMAC.

This is a group effort from the medical community of Aotearoa New Zealand to support vaccination against COVID-19 and to help counter misinformation.

Please share the letter with your colleagues and post on social media.