Auckland City Symposium 17 April 2021

3 months ago
By: Comms Manager

The Auckland City Symposium (ACS) will take place on Saturday 17 April 2021 at the School of Medicine, University of Auckland. For more information visit

Protecting the brain from perioperative neurologic injury is a goal for all anaesthetists. Perioperative insults around the time of surgery can result in long-term neurological complications, especially in vulnerable populations such as the young and old.

The 2021 Auckland City Symposium will provide an exciting update on anaesthesia and the brain. An international, multi-disciplinary panel including experts Professor Kristin Engelhard and Associate Professor Lis Evered will cover important topics ranging from traumatic brain injury, the Perioperative Brain Health Initiative, paediatric neurotoxicity as well as updates on the most recent scientific evidence for depth of anaesthesia, management of acute stroke and novel uses of anaesthetic agents.

Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, our international speakers will present by video-link and we will offer an online option for registration. In the event of a lockdown we plan to switch to a fully virtual meeting. 

Join us for an inspirational day of conversation and networking!