Potential changes to ACC’s Pain Management Services 

14 days ago
By: Daphne Atkinson

ACC is looking to make improvements to Pain Management Services.

Based on stakeholder feedback - and advice from ACC Clinical and Recovery teams - ACC have some ideas to improve the pain service that they would like to share and hear your feedback on. They want to build on current strengths, adopt new ideas, and provide more clarity on when the services are suitable for ACC clients.  

ACC are hosting two webinars in January 2021. Any interested parties are welcome to attend

They are hosting two webinars in January 2021. 

  • the first will be on 26 January at lunchtime,
  • the second on 27 January in the evening.

Please register your interest to painmanagement@acc.co.nz and note your preferred webinar session time by COB Friday, 15 January to receive a Microsoft teams link before the webinar.