End-of-Life Choice Act resources

This page provides information and resources to support members in relation to the End-of-Life Choice Act implementation. An assisted dying service will be introduced in NZ on 7 November.

End-of-Life Choice Act - news updates

Ministry of Health key repository of information
The Ministry of Health is leading the work program to implement the EOLC Act and to introduce an assisted dying service in New Zealand from 7 November 2021. The Ministry website has information for health professionals to outline their rights and responsibilities under the Act (whether involved in assisted dying, wishing to conscientiously object, or needing guidance on how to talk with patients who may raise the issue). The MOH has a section on their website that provides details about implementation, statutory bodies created by the Act and the timeline to ensure enactment of this legislation by 7 November.  More here

Implementation resources for health professionals
The Ministry has released handbooks, information sheets and online modules.  

E-learning modules for all health professionals

There are three e-learning modules available for all health professionals. These can be completed individually or as a group learning tool, such as in a team meeting. 

Health professionals are encouraged to complete these modules to improve their understanding of assisted dying and help them prepare for situations where a person they care for asks about or chooses to access assisted dying. These modules have relevance to practitioners who are choosing not to be involved in assisted dying, including for reasons of conscientious objection.

Registrations of interest for the SCENZ lists now open
MOH is continuing to invite medical practitioners, nurse practitioners, and psychiatrists to register their interest for the lists of practitioners willing to provide parts of the assisted dying services.

Medical practitioners, nurse practitioners, and psychiatrists interested in being included on the SCENZ lists can express interest here.

The Act requires the SCENZ group to oversee assisted dying service lists for:

  • replacement attending medical practitioners (where a person seeks the name of a practitioner to provide the service for them. This practitioner will support someone who is terminally ill to make an application for assisted dying, and undertake a first assessment)
  • independent medical practitioners (to undertake the second independent assessment)
  • psychiatrists (required if one or both of the initial assessments was unable to determine that the person is competent to make a decision).

Find out more about the SCENZ group here.

Funding for providing assisted dying services

The funding mechanism to pay health practitioners for providing assisted dying services has been created through a section 88 notice under the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000. This will come into effect from 7 November 2021 when the EOLC Act 2019 comes into force and assisted dying becomes legal in New Zealand. To find out more about the section 88 notice including the pricing schedule visit the Ministry of Health website