NZSA Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the NZSA is the Governing Board of the organisation.

NZSA Executive Committee

Dr Sheila Hart

NZSA President, Wellington

NZSA President November 2020–November 2022

Sheila Hart is a Consultant Anaesthetist at Capital and Coast DHB.  As the President Sheila represents NZSA’s view to government agencies, represents us at various councils and committees of our affiliated organisations, and is our spokesperson for the profession, advocating for patient safety and the wellbeing of New Zealand anaesthetists. 

She has been involved in various advocacy issues for the NZSA and assists in coordinating the Airway Leads Network.

Sheila is the co-convenor for the ASA/NZSA 2022 Combined Scientific Congress meeting in Wellington and is also the Deputy Clinical Director of the Anaesthesia and Pain Department at Wellington, CCDHB.

Dr Morgan Edwards

NZSA Vice President, Auckland

Morgan Edwards is a Consultant Anaesthetist at North Shore Hospital. Morgan was a previous NZSA Trainee Rep and now holds the NZSA portfolio for Assistants to the Anaesthetist. Morgan has produced online content to provide guidance to women on epidurals.  She also assists with our social media platforms and is a talented designer and photographer who has contributed to the design of our resources.

As the President Elect, she deputises for the President when required and attends meetings and events on her behalf.

Dr Kathryn Hagen

Immediate Past President, Auckland

NZSA President November 2018–November 2020

Kathryn Hagen is our immediate past NZSA President, and is a Consultant Anaesthetist at Auckland DHB. Kathryn sits on the NZSA's Environmental and Sustainability Network and is our representative on the Endoscopy Governance Group.

Dr Malcolm Stuart

Treasurer, Wellington

Malcolm Stuart is a Consultant Anaesthetist based in Wellington and has been the NZSA Treasurer since October 2015. He is in private practice and spends a lot of time travelling around the remote areas of the South Island on a mobile surgical bus. As Treasurer, Malcolm oversees the finances of the organisation and works with the Chief Executive to ensure audited and accurate accounts are presented to the Board.  As Treasurer he also proposes and maintains fiscal responsibility on the executive team.  The Board is ultimately responsible for the financial management of the Society and the Treasurer provides oversight for this.

Dr Caroline Ariaens

Executive Member

Caroline Ariaens is a Consultant Anaesthetist at Waikato Hospital.  She is also our representative on the National Obstetric Anaesthesia Network and has produced online content to provide guidance to women on breastfeeding.  

Dr Emma Patrick

Executive Member, New Plymouth

Emma Patrick is a Consultant Anaesthetist who lives in New Plymouth and works at Taranaki Base Hospital.  She is passionate about helping to improve the wellbeing of her anaesthesia colleagues and holds the NZSA Executive wellbeing portfolio, which includes being the NZSA representative on the Wellbeing Special Interest Group (SIG). Emma is also the welfare lead at her hospital. She was previously involved in the Lifebox Committee and travelled to Vietnam to deliver pulse oximeters and provide training to rural hospitals.

Dr Catherine Caldwell

Private Practice, Wellington

Catherine Caldwell is an Anaesthetist at Wakefield Hospital and is also a Consultant at Capital Anaesthesia & Associates Ltd in Crofton Downs, Wellington. She is the current Secretary of the NZSA Executive Committee and a member of our Private Practice Network.

Dr Jonathan Panckhurst

Executive Member, Nelson

Jonathan Panckhurst is a Consultant Anaesthetist at Nelson Hospital. He is keen to represent the anaesthetic interests and issues of regional centres, and to project these at a national level. Jonathan holds the NZSA Education portfolio.

Dr Renee Franklin

Executive Member, Tauranga

Renee Franklin is a Consultant Anaesthetist in Tauranga.  She works in both public and private practice.  Renee is the clinical lead for the pre-assessment clinic at Tauranga Hospital and has a strong interest in perioperative medicine.  She is the NZSA's perioperative representative and a member of the NZ Perioperative Network and the Perioperative Medicine SIG Executive. She joined the Executive Committee in October 2019.

Dr Michael Wadsworth

Trainee Rep, Wellington

Michael Wadsworth is an anaesthetic registrar at Capital and Coast DHB. He is the Trainee Representative, and will work with the new Deputy Trainee Representative Mikaela Garland on the Executive Committee. Having previously been the RMO representative for the Health Quality and Safety Commission’s surgical safety advisory group, he is particularly interested in developing and advocating for positive communication and culture development within the workplace to improve patient outcomes.

Dr Mikaela Garland

Deputy Trainee Rep, Waikato

Mikaela is the new Deputy Trainee Representative on the Executive Committee.  She is based at the Waikato DHB.



The Executive Committee is made up of

President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and six elected members. Extra members can be co-opted between AGMs as per the NZSA constitution. The trainee roles are a shared portfolio.
We welcome interest from members who would like to find out how they could join the Executive and/or contribute to specific projects. Please contact