Strategic plan

The NZSA Strategic Plan (2020-2024) outlines our key priorities and aspirations underpinning our work for members, the specialty and patient care.

Strategic Plan 2020-2024

Our vision is to be a trusted, leading voice, which represents and supports our community of medically registered anaesthetists in NZ and promotes high quality perioperative care and patient safety.
Our mission is to serve our membership through advocacy, community connection and educational opportunities.

Strategic priorities


The NZSA is a leading voice for New Zealand anaesthetists especially on issues unique to New Zealand.


To promote the wellbeing of members.


Supports anaesthetists to provide quality care for their patients.


To retain and grow membership income to ensure the Society is financially sustainable Support New Zealand anaesthetists’ who work in private practice.

Strategic details

Strategic objectives


  • To develop and retain active and constructive relationships with relevant government ministers, officials and other organisations
  • To actively engage, listen and respond to members concerns to inform our advocacy
  • To educate other health professionals and the public about anaesthesia
  • To provide advice, resources and advocacy for our members who work in private practice


  • To provide platforms that assist anaesthetists to connect, collaborate, and support each other and the wider community
  • To collaborate on an international platform and exchange resources, ideas and support
  • To acknowledge and integrate cultural safety through a commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi


  • To facilitate access to ongoing education and the exchange of information between anaesthetists, with special consideration for remote regions of New Zealand
  • To encourage, support and promote research by anaesthetists in New Zealand
  • Contribute to international anaesthesia education and projects


  • To maintain, grow and engage an active membership with a focus on trainee anaesthetists
  • To reinvest membership income which supports a financially sustainable organisation to meet the needs of our members
  • To maintain and uphold the organisation’s reputation for integrity and credibility

Key Deliverables


  • Maintain close links with sister organisations and other key stakeholders
  • Maintain awareness of, anticipate and respond to developments in the political and health landscape
  • Maintain regular schedule of contact with key individuals and organisations.
  • Provide two-way channels of communication between members and the Society
  • Actively seek views of members on key issues
  • Develop submissions in response to consultations affecting anaesthesia and patient care.
  • Provide educational material to the public
  • Provide information via a range of channels including media and social media.
  • Provide up-to-date educational resources to assist members in their practice. Develop and maintain a platform for private anaesthetists to engage in.
  • Create and maintain reserve funds to use for appropriate legal and financial advice as required
  • Maintain strong relationships with organisations that fund private practice in New Zealand


  • Support members to establish and maintain subspecialty networks that assist with information sharing and collegiality

  • Support and promote wellbeing initiatives and resources to our members

  • Facilitate member interaction for support, collegiality and community building.

  • Maintain strong links with international sister organisations and professional bodies

  • Maintain strong links and support for our Pacific community with resource sharing.

  • Provide resources that describe the tenets of culturally safe care

  • Consider diversity and health inequity when establishing committees and appointing staff


  • Provide education resources via our communication channels

  • Host educational events for anaesthetists

  • Maintain our role as parent organisation in tripartite and bipartite committees

  • Support scientific meetings, conferences and ongoing education relevant to anaesthesia practice

  • Support the Australia and New Zealand Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Journal.

  • Provide and promote research prizes and sponsorship for scientific work.

  • Provide aid and education in the Pacific.

  • Support International projects and provide members with an opportunity to contribute to these where possible. Support environmental sustainability and promote ways for specialty to reduce its carbon footprint.


  • Members are always supported, heard and responded to in a positive and timely manner.

  • The Society provides avenues for members to actively engage with the Society on key issues for the profession and patients.

  • Maintain a strong internal operational infrastructure to support the provision of member services.

  • Keep members updated on key NZSA activities and seek their input regularly on these activities.

  • The Society will be supported by experienced, knowledgeable and motivated staff.

  • The Board and staff undertake training and professional development to boost knowledge and skills to benefit the organisation.

  • The Society will grow its financial reserves in an ethical and low risk manner.

  • The Society will reduce its carbon footprint to net 0 by 2050 as per the Zero Carbon Act (2019).

  • To operate as a not-for-profit using best accounting practices.

  • The Society’s Board and staff will act ethically and professionally.

  • The Board and staff will maintain and increase the goodwill and reputation of the Society.

  • The Board will assess risks prior to carrying out Society activities. 

  • Succession planning will be in place for key positions on the Board/CEO to ensure continuity of robust leadership of the Society.